We at Fortunette are heavily invested in thriving and rapidly evolving through this transition period that COVID-19 has brought to our doorsteps, and are actively engaged in producing and making available a high quality and graded product line designed to cater across industries in both consumer and medical spaces globally.

Product Catalogues

Reusable Face Mask - Standard
Reusable Face Mask - Personalised
Protective Gown
PPE Coverall
Surgical Face Mask
N-95 Disposable Face Mask
Bio-hazard Disposable Coverall
Reusable Laminated Coverall
Reusable Coated Coverall
Disposable PPE Coverall
Disposable PPE Gown
Laminated Disposable PPE Gown
Doctor's Coat
Hospital Scrubs
Shoe Cover
Face Shield
Safety Goggles
Nitrile powder free gloves